Inspiration: stylish and snuggly

Does anyone else get this regular craving to bundle up in some kind of a big, dark, soft fabric to fend off any problems the day may bring with it? And I don't mean a onesie or pyjamas, I mean an adult, more sophisticated version of these: so others don't automatically see it as a safety blanket, only we know that it has special powers. I always think Victoria Beckham specializes [very well, may I say!] in this. Elegant but casual, sexy but covered up, soft, roomy clothes. But nonetheless clothes that protect us and provide comfort.

Here come a few fabulously snuggly examples to provide inspiration for those days when getting up is hard. [Ladies with shorter legs, consider swapping the turtlenecks for crew or V necks, with scarves if you run cold; and add heels where required.]