Tips for shorter legs: the sock ankle boot revelation

Not having been blessed with long legs, I struggled and struggled for years with what to wear on my feet in colder seasons with skirts and dresses that make my legs look OK (i.e. have at least some heel) but do not look too dressy (which most heels do). Ankle boots in principle would be the go-to solution to provide the much needed rock'n'roll vibe -- except the normal kinds tend to be too loose on my ankles and cut my legs off in a very unflattering way. But in answer to my prayers, fashion finally delivered some help, so all of you who have the same problem, listen up! The solution has three words: sock ankle boots.

I found them last year and they were a revelation: they cling to the ankle and calf, which makes them super flattering (even with nude tights, which breaks the usual leg-lengthening rule of wear one colour only), and go with skirts and dresses of all lengths and almost all levels of elegance. They completely transformed my cold weather wardrobe as I can finally wear skirts and dresses to my heart's content without looking wildly overdressed. I bought two of the same pair to start with and have been wearing them non stop. Looking for more to stock up with this year -- if something works ... as who knows how long they will be around in the shops!

They of course cannot be the neon coloured or sparkly things many shops are offering as they need to work for every day, and should ideally have block-ish heels as stiletto only really works with midi or long hemlines. I also find non-pointy toes more casual but this is a matter of taste (and, possibly, of body shape).

Here come a few examples, which I hope will help you too to transform your winter dressing. Stock up while the trend lasts.

& Other Stories, very similar to the pair that is saving my life

Stradivarius block heel sock ankle boots

Zara fabric ankle boots

They seem high but are very comfortable, although of course not suitable for rain or snow.

M&S leather ankle boots - also available in delicious blue suede

I have tried these too and can recommend, am mulling the black pair over myself... although prefer the elegant blue pair, but alas, blue shoes not in my wardrobe fit...

And finally, the pair I'd buy in a heartbeat if I could justify the price tag ... oh but oh why are these so perfect? They are the right height, are elegant but understated, and fit like a dream: introducing the LK Bennett Kayla black stretch suede boots