Inspiration: Making more use of summer skirts and dresses

If you live in a climate where warm summer days are relatively rare, you will probably also notice that summer dresses [necessary purchases for those rare days and of course also too tempting to pass up] do not get as much wear as they - and their price tags - would justify. This was the year I got fed up with this, and - aided by my newly found, beloved sock ankle boots - set out to find ways to wear them also on colder days. A revelation - so many outfit possibilities, without even having to buy new pieces! And my lovely silk dresses are finally getting the wear they deserve.

In case this helps any of you, here come some of my favourite formulas below:

Silk dress + jumper worn over it

Take a lightweight summer dress, ideally a strappy one that normally would not feature in an autumn/winter wardrobe. Slip a tee under [not only is it warmer but this will also save your dress from needing to be washed every time] and a jumper over: with my silk dress, a cashmere jumper works a treat [Uniqlo does great ones], but other fabrics work too. Fitted, shorter jumpers will work best for most, but oversize ones can also look good on tall, slim figures. Add tights and boots or ankle boots and enjoy.

In live action here - though footwear may need adjusting:

Floaty midi/maxi skirt + lightweight jumper tucked in

Take a lightweight summer midi or maxi skirt that you usually wear with tank tops in hot weather. Find a roomier, lightweight long sleeved top or jumper to tuck into it -- batwing sleeves look amazing. I say roomy as I prefer the look but some of you may be happy wearing this with more fitted jumpers too. You may want to add a belt to highlight the waist and give more textural interest to the outfit. Finish with ankle boots or boots.

As demonstrated here - though again, change the footwear of the first image:

Bodycon dress + oversize jumper worn over it

This does not only work with summer dresses, and is a great way to wear fitted or pencil dresses in a less sexy way. Instead of the cardigan you would normally 'warm it up' with, simply add an oversize jumper on top [cropped or longer are both options]. Turtlenecks are all over the catwalks this year, although with my short neck I am opting for V or boat necks. A slim belt over the whole ensemble can also offer extra pizzazz. Finish with ankle boots or boots.

Real-life example: