Case study: Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde is one of the most gorgeous actresses in Hollywood, and is often featured on various 'sexiest women' lists - despite the fact that her legs are proportionately quite short and chunky [clearly men don't care!]. Let's see what we can learn from the way she dresses.

Let's start with some examples of Olivia in jeans. Trousers are usually hard to get right for women of her proportions, and Olivia is no exception, even though she is quite tall [171 cm]. The first outfit is clearly unflattering: boyfriend jeans and flats, especially worn with a short top, do nothing for her. The longer top and more fitted jeans combination in the second image helps somewhat. The layering in the third image also almost works, as it visually cuts up her torso -- if only that jumper was a bit roomier!, but as it is, it just makes her legs look shorter. However, the semi-tucked, roomy tee in the last image, worn with fitted jeans, is a great outfit.

It is hard to find examples of Olivia wearing trousers. The high waisted jeans below exemplify very well why they should be avoided by women with thighs. The trouser suit almost works - but the very deep V of the blazer unfortunately just highlights the length of Olivia's upper body. The cinched black trousers look good thanks to heels and a roomy blouse [although I wonder if they also work from behind?], but the best choice are the wide legged trousers in the last image, paired with heels and a loose white blouse, which transform her proportions so much that she even gets away with a high neckline. Note that Olivia, when not in jeans, tends to either tuck her tops or wear loose blazers.

Moving on to dresses, an easier bet for Olivia. The first two examples show why bodycon or tight-on-the-thigh dresses are not ideal. But what a difference the bottom two outfits make: the power of slightly flaring dresses cinched with belts, gorgeous!

How about skirts? Well, the clingy pencil in the first example is almost right, were it not for the fitted top which makes it clear where Olivia's bottom actually sits; the less fitted skirts with roomier tops however work well, especially the black, slightly asymmetric one; and the asymmetric leather midi skirt worn with a bright jumper is also a good choice.

I could not find images of Olivia wearing short, flared/skater skirts at all, probably for a good reason [it is not recommended].

Olivia often wears low necklines, which work as they shorten her torso [although as seen before with the black blazer, too low can work against her - but this is not a problem most of us face in real life : )]. She should be careful with high necklines and patterns that draw the eye upwards on her upper body.

Finally, let's finish with some more, particularly flattering outfits for Olivia - characterized by low but classy necklines and long and/or body-skimming skirts. Although most of these are occasion outfits, the principle can be adapted for casualwear as well. Aren't they amazing?