Tips for shorter legs: blazers

I love blazers for many reasons: they are versatile, sleek, lend power and sophistication, and dress up jeans in an instant. But in addition to all this, they are also very flattering for women with longer torsos and shorter legs, as they both give a strong silhouette to the top half of the body and - if long enough - conceal the crucial leg-break zone.

[Long blazers are best left alone - we want longer legs, not shorter ones.]

Mid-length blazers [i.e. those that just about cover the hips] are a must, as they immediately make those hard-to-nail trouser outfits flattering. Make sure they are not overly fitted however, as that will just lengthen your top half even further. For the same reason, they are usually best left unbuttoned as this often pulls them in too tight.

Short blazers are best worn with dresses or skirts and can help widen or lend more structure to the top half. Power shoulders are often a good idea [unless you have very broad shoulders already]. Here again, the key to success is knowing how long and how fitted the cut should be: this varies on everyone, keep trying.

No wonder blazers are on constant rotation in the wardrobes of many of our shorter-legged fashion muses too. Let's see some examples:

Short blazers are best worn with skirts or dresses rather than with jeans [which often just highlights the leg-break area], as demonstrated by Rachel Bilson:

Or with a longer top underneath - Rachel's floaty one is easier to make work than Keira's more fitted, though still fluid one:

Queens of the power shoulder - but note how Claire's blazer would be better left unbuttoned and worn with less skinny, longer trousers...:

Excellent use of longer blazers, camouflaging the top of the thighs:

And of shorter ones, adding the right amount of balance on top, and not hitting at the widest part of the thighs/hips:

These however could have been shorter [Keira] or longer [the Middleton sisters] - watch and learn: