Case study: Bar Refaeli

If there was ever proof that there is nothing wrong with shorter legs, it is supermodels with these proportions. One example is the stunning Bar Refaeli, who, although rather tall [174 cm] and obviously slim, clearly has a somewhat long torso and shorter legs.

For women who have shorter, but slim thighs and calves, dressing is a little easier than those with curves or a heavier bottom half, however the general rules still apply. Even supermodels cannot get away with everything! Let's see some examples.

When off-duty, Bar likes to dress down, albeit even for her, jeans with flats are hard to get right. Showing some neckline or ankle [bottom examples] helps:

Even when pairing them with heels, watch that jeans are fitted but not too tight, and tops roomy enough - compare the top two images [where Bar's legs appear disjointed from her body] to the bottom two [much more harmonious]:

Or go for wider legged trousers - with heels of course and defined waistlines. How amazing do they look on Bar?

Heavy, high-vamp shoes, especially in a contrasting colour to your bottoms, only serve to visually cut legs off [yes, even on a supermodel!]:

And the same can apply to lace-up sandals, even with micro-mini skirts [in any case not a recommended combo] or usually leg-lengthening column-of-colour outfits, so careful careful:

Belts dropped down to the hips is not a flattering look on shorter-legged ladies, particularly not if worn over a skintight turtleneck dress:

Softly fluid dresses are much more flattering than tight ones, and high-waisted dresses are infinitely better than dropped waist ones:

Similarly, beware low-waisted trousers -- and in general, any embellishments that draw the eye to the hip area [pockets, embroidery, etc.]:

If you go maxi, go at it at full length - and especially don't cut your feet off with flat ankle boots. For the best results, if the occasion allows it, conceal heels underneath the skirt for added length:

Blazers and straight cut coats can work wonders if they have the right cut and length to smooth out the silhouette and thus lengthen the thighs - Bar wears them a lot too:

If you have the legs, dare to wear short skirts [with class] - note the simple, often nude heels, and how the last, strappy pair of shoes are less flattering:

And finally, for the glamorous amongst us: careful with thigh-high splits [;)] as they can also visually shorten legs: