Wardrobe strategies: duplicating items

Duplicating, or buying more than one piece of the [almost] same item, is a core wardrobe strategy of mine, which I highly recommend to everyone: it is not necessarily greedy or silly to buy the same thing more than once, in fact it can be a downright clever and useful shopping strategy. Especially for those items that we know we always struggle to find.

The phenomenon has its root in wanting to make sure that a fabulous find lasts for as long as possible - especially if it is a style that we know may only come back to the shops in many years' time [my latest such item: sock ankle boots], or if it is something that may get damaged quickly [white jeans], or something that may be in the laundry a lot [anything that touches skin], or simply so fabulous we never want to live without it again. 

You may want to duplicate the exact same item, or buy the item in a different size or colour.

You may want to wear them at the same time, or wear one and keep the 'backup' item for when the first one is worn out.

In any case, if there is something you love and wear a lot and are regularly afraid of losing or damaging, it is often a good idea to get another one of it.

Obviously, it is easy to make the mistake of over-buying by either getting bored of the item too quickly [and never wearing the second one, or not as much] or not liking one of the colours or sizes as much as the other one[s], so it is best to really be conscious and honest about how often we wear something and how likely it is that we will struggle to find something similar again.

For this reason, I find it's best to duplicate items that

1) are classic [both to ensure they are wearable for a long time and not to make it too obvious that you have more than one of the same thing]

2) play such a key role in your wardrobe that their absence would make it hard or impossible to wear certain [and for you, key] outfit combinations and other wardrobe items. 

Examples in my life include:

- white jeans - obviously an easy to damage item, but I also got the second pair in a size larger so one pair is very snug and the other a bit more boyfriend-ish. If a pair of jeans fit, always get more! It is also worth trying them in different colours/washes. Noone will notice they are the same fit as your others.

- platform brogues - flat shoes are majorly difficult to find for me so when I found platform brogues with a small wedge that fit well and looked good with both trousers and skirts, I did not hesitate to go back for the second pair [which are kept in their box, patiently waiting for the day when the first pair officially become too battered].

- sock boots - as above

- cashmere jumpers - I own an assortment in different sizes, colours and with different necklines, many from the same brand. They are classic and classy and I find it useful to have a version to match to any outfit.

- fitted knee-length cupro dresses with ruching - finding fitted dresses that I am confident to wear is rare, so again I had to go and stock up. I have them in three colours and two sizes [the larger one for those less confident days] and wear the heck out of them. It helps that the fabric and cap sleeves are suitable for all seasons, even for winter with jumpers worn on top. They are high-maintenance as I need to wash them after each wear, but the fact I can wear them as dresses, skirts [under jumpers] or tops [with long skirts on top] means they can be worn on consecutive days and noone will notice. 

So, the bottom line is:

If you do not duplicate yet, do consider! It will save you those 'I wish I still had that..' moments.

If you do, and have ever felt silly for it, I hope you now feel more confident about it!

Tip: Do not immediately buy two of something - wait and see if an item becomes something you cannot live without first. Yes, you do risk the item running out of stock, but a couple of weeks can often be enough time for this, so if as soon as you realize the new buy is a treasure, you return for its duplicate, you will likely be in time.