Wardrobe challenge: colours

You may already have noticed how few outfits on this blog use colour. However much I love them - those shelves of colour at Uniqlo or Benetton, the amazing clashing colour block outfits of the past seasons, I do not feel good wearing them. I often think I simply do not suit them, I feel loud and garish in colours. They do not suit my hair [which, being dyed, changes colour over the course of a month so is hard to match], they do not suit my [uneven] skin tone, they do not suit my [clearly bland?!] personality. I should have lived in monochrome times. And in fact, I do ... my wardrobe is mainly black and grey, with some white, blue and burgundy thrown in at times.

Now, even for me, this can become too much. There are only so many consecutive days that I feel happy wearing dark colours - especially in the warmer months. Not to mention that my limited colour palette limits creativity and options. Yet, I still do not feel comfortable in colours. So, the question is -- how to wear neutrals in a creative way that leaves me satisfied?

My solutions usually revolve around the following:

Mixing textures

Creating interesting silhouettes

Edgy elegance

Creative column-of-colour outfits

Creative tone-on-tone outfits

Playing with sheer details

Mixing elegant and casual

Unusual details

Wonderful contrasts

I will be going into more detail and also sharing new ideas on this blog. Keep following and please also feel free to share your tips!