Wardrobe strategies: New Year's style resolutions

Being conscious about what you want is often cited as the first step to achieve goals, and in this respect, style is no different from any other area of life. So hereby I challenge you to make at least one style-related resolution as part of this year's New Year's resolutions. Then make it your mantra throughout the year when shopping, creating outfits, getting dressed, etc., and watch your style magically evolve accordingly. It does work, I promise!

To get you started - and to show that no goals are insignificant -, here come my own personal style resolutions for 2018:

  • Keep working towards a cool grownup look. [Mantra: resist girly and/or pretty; focus on adult with both class and edge.]

  • Take care of and make an effort with my hair. [Great hair gives instant polish; whilst even an amazing outfit can be ruined by bad hair.]

  • Finally learn to wear make-up. [High time...]

  • Build a good collection of comfortable but cool shoes for all occasions. [My feet are getting more and more sensitive -- age...]

  • Remember to always stand tall! [Even when sitting :)]

And now, over to you :)

May 2018 make all your [style and other] dreams come true!