Creative with neutrals: shades of grey

In my limited fashion colour palette, I actually consider grey a colour: I often use it to lighten and brighten my mostly dark [OK, OK: black...] outfits - a grey belt over a black dress, a grey scarf or grey bag over a black coat, a grey blouse worn with a black dress or skirt, etc. Grey works very well as an accent.

But grey is also a perfect colour to wear head-to-toe, be it all the same shade or different ones worn together.

It comes in so many shades, all of which are comfortingly neutral... Its metallic sister silver can be both elegant and tough, and is always cool and versatile... It also comes in - still neutral - patterned versions...

What all this means that putting together all-grey outfits can be satisfyingly creative and result in looks that remain classy and elegant but at the same time are exciting and imaginative.

A colour worth collecting :)

The one thing to watch with grey is to avoid looking like you are wearing a tracksuit [unless, of course, you are wearing a tracksuit]. Softer fabrics in grey often give this unfortunate effect. In order to avoid this, try to steer clear of grey jersey altogether. When you buy/wear trousers made from softer fabrics or with wider legs, make sure they look tailored - also from afar [if this sounds strange, just keep it in mind for now and keep checking in the mirror; one day you'll know what I have meant]. And make sure grey jumpers are from quality fabrics.

These for instance look very gym-like to me [in an un-deliberate way]:

In contrast, see below a variety of inspiring examples for [in my opinion] successful looks all in grey. As you will see, grey works with any hair colour and any occasion. In addition to hair colour, makeup or small accessories may be used to provide contrast, but the look works perfectly well without major contrast. Depending on the fabrics used, the effect can range from modest to super-luxe.

All in one tone of grey - choose one and stick to it - and no, these examples prove that this does not have to be boring at all:

Shades of grey - dark greys, light greys, a mix of different greys - like wearing colours in a black-and-white photograph :) If done well, sumptuous and super classy:

Mixing in some silver - as clothing, accessory, or both:

Grey patterns - dots, checks, snakeskin... I didn't include stripes as grey stripes often look solid grey/blue from afar:

Texture mixing in grey - knits, tulle, silk, sheer, suede, leather, lace... as always, a perfect way to jazz things up:

Adding details in other neutrals - black, white, both, animal need for brights to make the outfit:

And to finish, an accessory suggestion as extra inspiration [I saw this and now want to put together an ombre outfit with grey!]:

Tempted yet?