Inspiration: 2018 spring/summer trends

It's the new year and if you are like me, you have already started to plan and look forward to the end of winter and what 2018 may bring. Not to mention that, like me, many of you will be starting to get royally bored with wearing winter gear and are ready for something new and fresh. Which is why I thought you may want to join me in getting a glimpse of what trends the new season will be offering...

The first thing I will say about trend forecasts is that, in my experience, they often turn out to be wrong. Despite fashion weeks taking place half a year before the seasons actually start, offering retailers plenty of time to order and stock up on corresponding designs, the high street often seems to prefer to play it safer and stick to what they know will sell. Of course there will be new trends; but not necessarily will everything that the fashion gurus have planned become mainstream. I have so often looked forward to pre-announced trends that never ended up hitting the shops that I feel obliged to warn you ;)

But let's see what may be expected to hit the shops for 2018 spring-summer:

First up, the famous Pantone colour of the year - ultra violet, a relatively subdued shade of 'galaxy purple'. I would be surprised if we could easily find in the shops come spring, although it is quite a soothing tone and certainly more wearable than 2017's 'greenery' colour:

Second, this is what the gods of high fashion have dreamt up for us to spend our pocket money on come spring!

Having done my research of the spring/summer shows, the most obvious trends seem to be:

1. Pastel colours - including a lot of lilac/lavender [i.e. a softer, lighter shade of Pantone's ultra violet]. Not my cup of tea, usually, but these do look fresh and pretty, are not shouty, mix well with each other, and will certainly be a hit with women thirsty for colour following the 'dark seasons'; they also suit Summer colour types perfectly, i.e. most of Central and Northern Europe's population, a key target audience for retailers.

2. Bright and bold colours - cheerful colour clashing continues and rainbow designs are in: let's hope there will be some sunshine to accompany it all.

3. Sheer details - good news for me, although obviously us mere mortals need to seriously tone down what the gods have so exuberantly designed...

4. Plastic - I do wonder how this will translate to everyday wear...

5. Disco glitter - Christmas sparkle continues into the spring/summer, isn't that great news? You can start stocking up in the sales already ; )

6. Denim, especially dark denim - and not just jeans but jackets, dresses, bags, shoes, everything. In terms of jeans, the attempt to bring back wider legged cuts continues [I must say, this attempt started years ago, and skinnies still rule, but let's hope this will be the breakthrough year].

7. Sporty details - I am dead bored of athleisure by now but it seems the rest of the world isn't... next year's take will feature more colours, as well as plastic, sheer details, etc.

The following also featured, though were less dominant, on the catwalks - however, they are likely to in fact be what the high street will offer in greater abundance:

8. Patterns - florals, tartans/checks, art prints [note the pastel tones and other cross-trends] - this is not quite for me, but I am sure glad to see fewer boring marine stripes at least this spring!

9. Trench - coats, dresses, bags [again mixed with other trends - lilac, fringe, plastic, sheer...] - this may be good news, we do need some variety injected into spring outerwear.

10. Mini and maxi hemlines - as someone whose legs are not quite endless, I am really crossing my fingers for this; I am ready for midis to finally take the backseat again! Note that when it comes to short hemlines, it seems shorts will play a role too alongside skirts.

11. Strong texture - fringe, feathers and indescribable ornaments - I am sure this will be all over the shops, and then all over the sales too...

When it comes to shoes, I actually hope that the trend forecasters will be proven wrong. The overall feel is vibrant/tough as opposed to classy or feminine, and the list of expected trends to come includes too many impractical entries for my liking:

- cowboy boots

- combat boots [here to stay from winter]

- kitten heels

- pointy toes

- mules

- platforms

- glitter

- denim

- playful colours and details [as in the clothes section: plastic, fringe, fur, florals, etc.]

Overall, we should expect colourful and fun vibes taking over the shops. Why not check what you already have in your wardrobes to channel this, and get ahead of the crowd? You are welcome ; )