Tips for shorter legs: half-tucked tops

Half- or front-tucking is when you tuck the front but not the rest of your top - see Olivia's example above.

More often than not, it gives a casual or smart casual vibe, and thus is best done with T-shirts, shirts, tops and jumpers. Blouses are best half-tucked into trousers, not skirts.

You may also want to experiment with adding a belt for extra effect, but this is not absolutely necessary.

It is a technique I recommend for lengthening legs for many reasons:

  • displaying more of your bottom half obviously lengthens legs ...

  • ... especially as a half-tuck requires roomier tops, which in turn shortens the top half visually; the combination thus offers better proportions

  • tucking your top only at the front creates a slight bulge at the sides, which evens out larger hips/thighs and creates a straighter, thus leaner looking figure

  • the extra length behind conceals bigger bums

  • asymmetry always helps to trick the eye when it comes to proportions

Finally, the vibe is casual and unusual, but not untidy: this is an easy way to jazz up very simple items.