Masterclass: a brilliant style trick from Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham has a great eye for fashion and - although she also has a physique that is quite easy to dress and rather hard to match - it is always inspirational to keep an eye on her outfits. The one below, apart from being an impeccably styled elegant modern retro set, is also an excellent example for how to ensure looking put together and as slim/tall as possible when wearing a patterned midi dress - not the easiest to pull off for most mere mortals, especially shorter ones.

Have a look for yourself:

Victoria has picked one of the 'sub' colours of her dress, burgundy, for her accessories. Already a lesson in itself when wearing coloured prints.

But her real genius lies in choosing boots [that are covered by her skirt - an important detail] and a rollneck under her dress in the same shade. This gives the impression of continuity all the way from her toes to her face, which is super flattering. [Just imagine if her boots or rollneck were black - it would not have the same effect at all.]

How can you do the same? Simple: make sure your layering continues the same colour theme.

If you are wearing black jeans and a colourful shirt, make sure there is a hint of black underneath the neckline of that shirt [and it does not have to be a high neck].

If you are wearing a colourful skirt, choose shoes, tights and a top in the same colour.

If you are wearing a short jacket over a colourful dress, match it to the colour of your shoes.

And so on. Or just copy Victoria : )

[The outfit clearly impresses by the way - just look at the star-struck man in the background :0]