Masterclass: a great midi skirt outfit

Midi skirts, however hard to wear, are still around and here to stay this coming season too. Which means it may be a good idea to explore how we can make them work - and this shot from NYFW, from a year and a half ago, certainly provides some tips.

The outfit, for me, is love at first sight. Not only is it perfect for elongating legs but is also exactly up my street [well, figuratively - I have never actually seen anyone dressed like this up my street]. Laidback but elegant; unique but not shouty; subdued in colours but not boring. So let's see what we can take home from it.

- Midi skirts that show almost as much leg as mini skirts are as leg lengthening as minis but feel less exposed. Bingo. This can be achieved with sheerness, peekaboo panels, or see the above.

- It is perfectly possible to dress down a slightly over-the-top skirt with a simple, roomy, black tee. Or jumper. The important thing is the roominess and the simplicity.

- Head to toe black does not have to be boring; if still in doubt, grab a more colourful [though no need for too much colour!] bag and if you can match your sunnies to it, even better.

- Finally, may I add that the lady wears very little makeup - no bright lippie here, although her toe and fingernails are red - yet looks perfectly polished thanks to her smoothed down, tied back hair.

Definitely an outfit to keep in mind - and an easy one to transform for all kinds of weather.

P.S. for the brave: Fringing is forecasted to be 'in' for ss18.