Wardrobe approaches: when fashion forces you to change your style

Has it ever happened to you that because you cannot find the right replacement for a [key] item in your wardrobe, you actually end up changing your style of dressing?

It happens to me all the time.

To give a fresh, real life example, I have recently realized that I have basically been living in skirts and dresses for the simple reason that I had worn out the jeans I had that I liked and could not find a suitable replacement for them - to the extent that I even stopped looking for it; an easy way to avoid constant disappointment in the fitting room.

Now, I have always worn dresses and skirts - but what did change is that I almost completely stopped wearing jeans, which I had used to wear frequently and for many different occasions.

When I do wear them - those I have left, none of which I feel 100% comfortable in -, I wear them with longer tops, which I had to stock up on as I did not originally have enough, to conceal the fact that the jeans do not fit that well.

I also had to build a larger wardrobe of dresses and skirts, and work on how I could wear them in more varied, creative ways, to avoid getting very bored very fast. I had to find more types of footwear to go with them to ensure I can wear them in as many environments as possible, especially in casual ones where, in normal circumstances, jeans would be the obvious wardrobe choice.

Long story short - my wardrobe changed as a result. Instead of persevering and trying to fill the one little gap of missing jeans, I went the long and complicated way of adjusting everything else to accommodate that gap.

Perhaps not a very wise thing to do. Certainly not the cheapest thing either. But, alas, not an unusual thing in my life. This happens to me regularly due to lack of shoes I like; lack of coats that go with the rest of my wardrobe [length especially, a key element in coats both as I am petite, i.e. often get swamped by a too-long coat and also as I often wear dresses/skirts, which need adequate coat lengths]; and even bags [I usually have coloured bags which can clash with the rest of my clothes; why oh why is a really good black bag so hard to find?].

Nevertheless -- however frustrating this can be, it is in fact a blessing in disguise. It forces me to evolve my style, to keep changing with the times, to make sure I always look 'current'. It also inspires more creativity, pushing me outside the comfort zone of well-practiced 'uniforms'.

So ladies - whilst I encourage you to try to always keep 'backups' of your favourite styles, do not despair if you run out of them. It may be your fashion karma trying to suggest that you try something new -- so embrace it and go for it! You may be a step away from finding your brand new self. Would you want to still be wearing the same silhouettes that you were twenty years ago? Of course not. So enjoy the change!