Star find: Topshop's Baxter jeans

I am sure you all know the desperation that occurs when a favourite product of yours gets discontinued. Cue immediate panic, frantic ebay searches and the like, and long-lasting grief. Well, this is exactly what happened to me when my favourite jeans style [Topshop's Baxter] was not discontinued, but 'revamped', naturally into a totally unsuitable style. This was three years ago and I haven't been able to find comparable jeans since. But then a miracle happened. Guided by my fashion fairy godmother, I clicked on Topshop's jeans section in total despair and lo behold - it looks like my favourite jeans have been resurrected! So far only in black [the other colours are not the old-new cut], but that's better than nothing: I am stocking up -- and spreading the news!

Here they are:

So, what makes these jeans so irreplaceable?

First of all - they are not totally skinny - more of a slim, almost even a straight style. Which flatters my slightly short legs much better than skinnies do. One tick.

Second - the fabric has some weight but also enough elastane, meaning it is strong enough to 'hold together' wobblier bits, but it is not the 'retro' rigid denim that does not hug your shape properly. The result is that it hugs perfectly and also corrects the parts that may need it.

Third - the pockets are large enough and sit quite low, super flattering for larger/rounder bottoms.

Fourth - they come in three different lengths. Useful to start with, but may I quietly also mention this also means you could buy it in two lengths: a shorter pair to wear with ankle boots and a longer one to wear with heels. Just sayin'...

Finally - this is the type of jeans that looks good both in a smaller size [more of a skinny fit] and a larger one [more of a boyfriend style]. Worth experimenting as you could end up with two different, equally flattering looks. Again, just sayin'... [And no I do not get paid for this, I simply really find these jeans a great design.]

So if you have been struggling with finding a good pair of affordable jeans [we are talking £40 ladies], or if you are fed up with the spray-on feel skinnies, immensely big boyfriend styles and unflattering mum jeans out there, certainly give these a try.