Masterclass: paperbag trousers for curvy girls

I have forever loved this outfit from J-Lo and now that paperbag trousers are taking over the shops, it is a great source of inspiration on how to wear them well -- especially if you have a curvy bum and thighs, like our amazing model. Because whilst these high-waisted trousers elongate the legs of those with slim thighs/not much bum to speak of [yes, highly recommended to ladies with longer torsos/shorter legs], they can be a minefield for curvier ladies, over-emphasising their hip area, from both back and front.

So let's have a close look at how Jennifer makes them work:

  • Jennifer has chosen a pair of trousers in a neutral grey colour and a classic, relatively heavy tweed fabric. Both serve to camouflage: the colour blends in, the fabric holds its own shape and does not cling.

  • The cut of the trousers is figure skimming, neither tight nor loose, and cropped but relatively wide at the calf/ankle.

  • The waist is emphasised with a look-here black belt, drawing the eyes upwards: a great way to elongate legs.

  • The choice of top is key: first, it is a low-cut scoop neck, which shortens the torso and thus elongates the lower half of the body; plus it is roomy and not fitted, providing a bit of balance to the hips.

  • The cardigan is a great stroke too: it obviously hides the bum and widens the upper body, but also adds a nonchalant vibe, and its black horizontal stripes complement the belt perfectly, drawing further attention to the waist.

  • Finally, the booties. They are a controversial choice, not the most flattering pair ever, however -- they are heeled [further leg elongation] and low enough to show a teeny bit of skin at the ankle, which just about saves them.

Overall, the whole outfit is very well colour-schemed and designed to draw the eye to Jennifer's waist, which is also made to appear quite high. There is no indication that her hips or bottom are [famously] curvy, she looks streamlined and trim.

How to copy? The key advice is to make sure your trousers are of good quality fabric and have a similarly fluid cut. Then just follow the above steps: use a contrasting belt, a low-cut, fluid top, heels and a well chosen cardi or blazer and sweep in the compliments.