Inspiration: 5 simple ways to put (a) spring in your step

Finally, finally, it looks like spring is here! Time to slowly start moving towards lighter, brighter, more fun clothes. But of course not at once - it is not warm enough for that, and in any case, as the ancient Greeks already knew, moderation is the key to everything. Not to mention that your spring/summer wardrobe may still be packed away [it's not like we have seen much sun yet this year]. So here come a few ideas on how to start replacing some winter items with spring ones, whilst still keeping wrapped up enough not to catch a cold or look like we have just landed from an exotic holiday [but without the tan].

1. Switch to colourful accessories - shoes or bag or whatever you like; my preference is bags of course and maybe a scarf. This spring is all about cool pastels so find your shade:

2. Switch your winter coat to a leather jacket, worn with a big - but light[er]weight - scarf for warmth. Bonus points for bright colours: how brilliant is Jennifer Aniston's subtle blue shade?

3. Replace dark bottoms with colourful ones - I am loving wearing a bright spring skirt with a lightweight, dark knit at the moment. A hint of white in addition is very this season:

4. Change your black basics to grey ones - bag, coat, jeans: a small change, a big difference. Grey coats in particular are a great investment for in-between seasons as grey brightens up black, plays down bright colours, and offers a classy complement to beige-toned neutrals:

5. Dig out some patterns - florals for spring may not be groundbreaking, as the formidable Miranda Priestly once said, but they do improve the mood; and there is no need for florals in particular, any fun pattern will do:

Welcome to spring, everyone!