Star find: Cos gathered top

I have not been this happy with a top for a long time as I am with this one. If I could wear it every day, I would! It is a piece that every woman with shorter legs [and medium to wide shoulders] should immediately buy, it is that flattering. And you will have to trust me on this as it does not look half as attractive on the website as it does in real life. Introducing Cos's 'draped blouse with gathering' [they were not very inspired when they named it]:

It is made of a solid but light fabric, falling beautifully and not clinging to anything - it holds its shape without being heavy.

It is black, yes, but the gathered sleeves and detail at the front add plenty of interest to save it from being boring.

The way it falls is so, so elegant - although this does require shoulders. It is streamlined and minimalist and not in the least 'too much', despite the embellishment.

It is longer than in the image [at least on my shorter bottom half], covering my bottom and perfectly camouflaging where my legs begin; all without being overwhelming thanks to the asymmetry at the hem which hints at any slenderness hidden beneath.

Yes, the sleeves make it impossible to wear with a cardigan, and jackets need to have some room in the arms too to accommodate them. But the top is meant for spring/summer anyway.

A gem if there ever was one. Go try it. Consider getting a size larger than usual - it may fall better. Wear with skinny jeans and feel like a million dollars in it [I do], whether worn just for out-and-about or for business meetings.