Inspiration: cool but chic in combat jeans

The time has come to sing the praises of combat jeans - my new signature look. 😍

I have always liked the look but have not seen good pairs for years - essentially since the 90's when I had stolen and worn to death my brother's trousers. But back then I was a teenager and could wear whatever I wanted. As an adult though?! And in particular, as an adult who does not look her best in skinny jeans?

And then the unthinkable happened. I found a pair that I love and that look good on me - in khaki no less.

I first started wearing them with wedge brogues, loose tees and a blazer, a look that made me feel chic and contemporary.

[Although the 'contemporary' feeling changed a bit when I realised it was a look that bloggers - as they were then called; it was so long ago that none of this 'influencer' business existed yet! - already sported about 5 years ago : ) Nevermind -- I have decided the look is timeless!]

In any case, I loved the look, and the more I wore the jeans, the more ways I found for wearing them. [So yes, of course I bought a second pair.]

Their key USP is that they are a lot more interesting and edgy than simple jeans. And no, they do not have to be casual. As long as you always add something polished to the look, you will look grownup and chic - but with an oomph.

They offer cool elegance with the above mentioned brogues, loose tee and blazer - or with a polished leather jacket.

They go great with simple black leather heels and a blazer, combining class and edge.

They are contemporary with sneakers, a blazer and a crossbody bag.

They can even be made almost dressy with a silk shirt tucked [or semi-tucked]; even if you pair the look with tougher boots.

To achieve the effortlessness, looser tops work better than fitted ones - a huge plus for those who, like myself, do not possess endless and/or curve-less legs.

They also bring the best out of a black-heavy wardrobe, offering a spot of 'colour' [hey, for me this is wildly colourful!] so you can keep almost everything else on you black. They are made for black! : ) Sticking to mixing them with neutrals is recommended anyway: cool neutrals such as grey and white have the best effect. Be especially cautious with adding further greens, in particular in warm shades: there is a risk of too much forest ranger.

They are very accessorizable: they naturally work with a rock chick vibe, they beautifully tone down girlier accessories, and elegant classics elevate them. [The only thing to be careful with is too much bling - by which I mean shiny items - unless you are going for a Jenny from the block look.]

And whilst skinny variations of the trousers are the easiest to find at the moment, they do not have to be skinny -- you can achieve a very similar effect with looser cargo trousers, or even chinos.

Let's see a few more styling ideas.

Tough trousers, polished elegance with cuffed blazer, simple heels, classic bag:

Tough trousers, even tougher belt and a glam jacket - a very, very cool fashion editor look [although do not tuck jeans into different coloured ankle boots unless your legs are very long]:

With a long jacket [in lace no less] and brown accessories to tone down the style statement:

Worn with stripes and a hint of leopard [and note the trousers are not even really military, except for the colour]:

Or more original with polka dots:

A classy military look:

An unexpected combo, mixing tough khaki and girly pink:

Finally, with the timeless classic of white tee and black blazer, worn with flat sandals:

Convinced yet? : )