Masterclass: how to own leopard print

I know I have written about leopard print before [see here] but as the trend does not seem to want to go away and is becoming hard to avoid, let's give a nod to a great example of how to make wearing it a success. The problem with leopard print is of course that, at the moment 1)  wearing it in any shape or form will make you look like a fashion girl, and 2) it is incredibly difficult to wear it in an individual way.

To pull it off, have a look at Giovanna Battaglia's approach below -- the 'you may as well not faff around but do it whole-heartedly' school of thought:

Yes, it is very obviously fashion-y. Yes, it is over the top, with both the dress and the accessories in leopard print. But that is exactly the point: it is confident and unapologetic, and as such, a long way ahead of the rest of the crowd. 

Note also:

- the showstopping necklace that actually overshadows the leopard pattern with its shape, size and bling factor;

- the kooky sunglasses that do the same;

- the absolute simplicity of the colour scheme: nothing but gold and black, with just a hint of red on the nails and toenails;

- the elegantly simple cut of the dress and the elegantly simple hairstyle;

- the earrings that combine simplicity and bling;

- and finally, the different kinds of leopard print paired together, which manage to avoid looking matchy-matchy.

All in all, no piece in this ensemble has been selected without a good reason, and they all work together in complete harmony to communicate confidence and style. What you see is not a trend follower, but a trend setter. Not someone in leopard print, but an actual leopard. Bravissima!

[P.S. Do not miss the small elements of Giovanna making the look figure-flattering too: the torso-lengthening V-cut, the waist-emphasising belt and rolled up sleeves, the feminine wrap style, the leg-lengthening and ankle-emphasising below-the-ankle sandal straps. A winning look in all aspects.]