Wardrobe strategies: New Year's style resolutions [2019 edition]

It's that time of the year again... those precious few days when we have accomplished all the obligations of Christmas but not yet started the new year's rat race just yet... the [possibly only] time of the year when one has time to evaluate the past and make some plans for the future... the time when, filled with good food and warmth and rest, it is actually possible to imagine that next year will magically bring all that we have always been waiting for...: the time for resolutions. Which also means, the time for our 2019 style resolutions!

But before getting there - what is the point of resolutions if they then get forgotten about - right? Shall we first be honest and see if we have worked on our 2018 style resolutions throughout this past year... and if so, accept a well deserved pat on the back [along with some champagne of course] from the style gods? Of course we shall.

So, to lead the way and help build up your courage, here comes my own personal evaluation. My 2018 style resolutions looked like this:

1. Cool grownup look -> Tick! I have bought some great items that fit this description and my wardrobe is moving towards a new feel with simple yet cool garments of higher quality.

2. Making an effort with hair -> Half-tick. Between supplements, regular cuts and trying all kinds of products, I certainly made the effort. It seems yet more effort is required however :(

3. Learn to wear make-up -> Tick! Booked a class, learnt a few tricks, kept it going and definitely feel more polished than a year ago.

4. Comfy but cool shoe wardrobe -> Half-tick. Again, I put in some work and finally found a great pair of sneakers. But this is a waiting game...

5. Standing tall -> Half-tick. Old habits die hard, but I do catch and correct my bad posture regularly.

On the whole - good effort and some good results. Even if there is more to be done on some items, I feel like I deserve that champagne :)

Who is joining me?

Then, moving forward - here comes the list of my 2019 resolutions. Unsurprisingly, a few items seem to have stayed on, but there are new entries too:

  • Keep working towards building stronger hair and a new, grown-up but fresh and cool hairstyle. [And learn how to create curls with a straightener...]

  • Keep working on finding more flat[ter] but cool and flattering shoes. [Not easy, so note to self: be patient and if you find something amazing, buy it twice.]

  • Work on my bag 'wardrobe'. [I have never been a bag girl and tend to wear the same one or two everywhere. It does not work. Build some variety.]

  • Work out how to wear trousers well. [This will be a tough one, I predict... they are the no.1 enemy item for all short legged ladies... challenge time!]

  • Those who know me will think I've gone mad, but: build some more colour into my wardrobe. [I mean more grey ... no, joking : ) Yes, I am thinking gentle colour, faded blues and the like. Nevertheless, colour! I still love my black but a little variety is now necessary.]

How about you?

And of course - many thanks for reading the blog this year, and may 2019 bring you all the joy and style you wish for!

Clink-clink! : )