Creative with neutrals: monochrome patterns

This is a shop window I saw on the elegant Piazza di Spagna in Rome: unmistakably Missoni, but a rather unexpected look for the brand in purely black and white - for once, looking at a Missoni shopwindow, it was not immediately obvious which brand it was! Which is already a good start. I am not a fan of shouting from the rooftops where you got your clothes from - especially not if they were expensive. Subtle and unique is more my motto. Which, in a way, actually describes this outfit: subtle for the complete lack of colours, unique for the amazing creativity despite the lack of colours.

Just have a look. How very impressive is this look, ladies (and gentlemen)?

Although I am not big on patterns, being a lover of black and white, of course I was immediately attracted. And once you start looking at it...well, the more you look, the better it gets. The nuances come to life. The different shades of black, white and all the greys inbetween [who would have thought black and white have shades?]. The amazing, eye-boggling geometry, the clashing yet harmonious mix of different patterns. The cool layering. The mix of flowy and stiffer fabrics. The looser silhouettes pulled together by a more fitted piece. The black details framing and emphasizing waist, shoulders and feet. Quite the mini masterpiece.

I wondered how many hours it took to put this together, despite it not requiring any sense of colour. And then I wondered whether it may have taken a minute. Maybe all monochrome works together this seamlessly? Worth a try, for sure.

In any case - whoever has said black and white is boring has no imagination. Proof above.